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The skin tightening treatment





The skin tightening treatment experience



Your therapist will make sure you are comfortable on the treatment couch and then start by cleansing your skin. A pair of goggles will then be put in place to protect you eyes and cooling gel will be applied to the skin in the first application area. Small areas are treated at a time, with the full face, for instance, being divided into three sections, with each area receiving three passes of the handpiece. When the handpiece is applied you will feel the smooth, cool lens of the device placed against your skin, and then a warming sensation as your therapist operates the footswitch to apply the first pulse of infrared light. Because the nerve supply to the skin is irregular, the sensation can be quite different in different parts of the face, varying from almost no feeling at all to a hot sensation. However the treatment power being used can be altered at any time to ensure your comfort.


The handpiece is moved progressively over the treatment section, and once a section has been fully covered this pattern will be repeated twice more to finish that segment. Each further section will be treated similarly until the whole treatment has been covered.


After treatment you may experience a slight reddening of the skin but most people feel able to return to work or other activity straight from the salon. Post  procedure we advise using a high protection sun block and avoiding prolonged direct sunlight for at least one week.







When can I expect to see the resulting tightening of the skin?






Some clients experience an immediate noticeable skin tightening, but the main tightening effect occurs between one and three months from the treatment date as new collagen forms within the dermis. Further improvements can continue for many months, and because collagen molecules are long-lived in, can last for many years.


For best results we recommend three treatments spaced four weeks apart.



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