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laser skin tightening - results and side effects

Skin tightening - results and side effects

The treatment works by causing contraction of existing collagen fibres and inducing the prodution of new collagen within the dermis. As new collagen forms the facial contours are subtly remodeled, to a fresher more youthful appearance. Since the treatment works by stimulating your own natural renewal process the level of your response will be unique to you. Many clients experience an immediate tightening effect, but the main effect occurs over the subsequent months as continuing collagen production leads to progressively more rejuvenation in appearance.

Post treatment most clients have mild redness and swelling. On rare occassions small blisters can occur which will normally resolve within a week. There is no down time and most people return to normal activities immediately after treatment, although we recommend using a high SPF sun block and avoiding direct strong sunlight for the first week.

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