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Children’s Services

Careline provides care staff for all types of care services including child care

Children’s Services

When a child’s circumstances result in a need for care and support it is essential to provide a secure and safe environment while promoting the welfare and development of the child to the fullest  possible extent. Careline provides staff to a large number of children’s services, which fulfil these needs within a wide range of settings. The Careline team have a depth of experience which includes special needs and complex challenging behaviours, and have earned the highest reputation while working in settings as varied as one to one support, respite care, residential units, residential schools, contact visits and play schemes.






If you are a care worker with experience of working with children, and you can commit to complete reliability, fill out the online application form to register with us for interesting, rewarding local childcare work at excellent rates of pay. If you prefer, call us now on the number most local to you, shown below.





 We look forward to welcoming you to Careline.




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